Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maggie the Cat...Purrr

I never used to be a big admirer of Elizabeth Taylor, just because she was this conniving maneater who could take your man away just like Angelina Jolie. But you know what, I've come to really admire this woman's beauty and charm, and her fantastic acting skills when she was in her heyday. I just finished watching Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and found her performance to be magical. But most of all, I love how she pulls off wearing nothing but a slip - which i would imagine to be very inapropriate to see back in the late 1950s. She wears it with such effortlessness, like a second skin. Just a slinky little dress really, in today's eyes. That's why I'm taking today, fashion inspiration from Miss Taylor. I love the slip, and have many collections, but have never worn them alone, it is possible to wear two at a time and then I feel okay wearing them in public. But today, I really feel like it's not such a big deal to flaunt around in a beautiful silk slip and a cardigan, it gives it the right edge. If you have the body ladies, a slip is the perfect wardrobe idea for the summer. Just make sure it's not so sheer that in the sunlight you're revealing more about you then you would like. So either double up on the slip or wear some cute underthings. I have in the past fall worn really thick tights with two slips (one a wine color underneath and a beautiful lacy black one over. I think it looks really interesting and it reminds me of being a 1920s vamp or something. Now if only i could develop liz's late 1950s body to wear more of the pieces she wore. sigh....

Monday, April 27, 2009

morning glory

I'm quite alright right now with being single. For a very long time I struggled with this, because i felt like something was wrong with me for not being in another serious relationship (which is what my ex was doing). I've had flings, I've made out with strangers, and had 1 one night stand, and a steady fuck buddy.... but casualness is all that was. I never expected those guys to be anything more, how could they be? The one I want is hard to find, the right one is someone that i'm not going to find becuase he's going to find me. It's just going to happen organicaly and when i least expect it. He's not going to be somebody i'm going to meet at night when i'm drunk out of my mind, or at a party. That's not where proper girls meet proper men who will travel the ends of the earth for their girl. Right now I'm just having fun, not being tied down to a crazy one, not having to worry about what i'm suppose to do, not having to worry about another. I am young, i don't need to play house with a boy at 21, i've already had that experience at a far younger age. It was nice, but I was traveling in too serious of territory in which an 18 year old girl shouldn't be traveling in. The word is acceptance, and i'm accepting and loving my singleness, and i should truly embrace it and enjoy it while i have it because it's not going to be like this forever!

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Directions...Force is in Fashion

Okay, it's been a while since i've posted anything on here. and i think it's time to say that i want to take this blog into a new direction...kinda represent more of the title of this blog. Strength. This is going to be more of an outlet to random things in my head that evolve and make their way here...not strictly fashion, but my life and life itself. And that is all i have to say at the moment.