Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's got nothing to do with you or anyone else, just myself.

Let it rip through my veins, let it run down - this feeling. This feeling of acceptance and fearlessness. It all really doesn’t matter anyways. Just live out of truth, live with genuine emotion. Be kind, tell people how you really feel about them.

I had a little life changing moment with myself and my thoughts. Driving part way home last night, my subconscious full. And then I went home, put on my head phones, crawled into bed and listened to my Micromix collection thanks to the Deerhunter blogspot. Micromix 14 showed up and I listened to this Everly Brothers other version of "I Wonder If I Care as Much." I must have listened to it on repeat for about 90 minutes. It did something to me. Everything about this song, the way it's sung, they way it sounds, it's beautiful.