Monday, July 11, 2016

Maybe I'll be back

Nearing a five year hiatus - my what time has done. So many changes, life moving and flowing as freely as we let it. New births and deaths as part of the ever changing cycle. I've become a mother of two babies in this time span and have made our home 20 miles north from our past one. Life is good. Maybe a little more mundane, but nonetheless grateful for these changes. I'm not sure If I'll continue blogging here, I tend to prefer writing in a physical journal these days when I actually find the time. But it does feel good to revisit my past and see how far I have come. I started writing on here when I was about 22 years old, I am now 28. Post adolescence has left me and I've officially entered real adulthood, however, I do not exactly know what that means still. I can feel something happening within me, a new energy source and I'm figuring out how to direct it - or if I'll direct it is the question. I find that I have a hard time finishing projects or seeing a completion. I want to stay positive with this one, I'm feeling it out. Maybe you will see more, stay tuned. Stay curious.