Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If you care to gander, please be inspired

Okay, so here is a person who is currently inspiring me mentally/emotionally/creatively. Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound is amazing and I truly admire him, many of the things he says and writes are completely influential to me and have expanded my mind artistically. These are the kinds of people who inspire me and capture my interests. One of the most fascinating human beings I've found, his music is beautiful and I really hope to see Deerhunter live this august in San Francisco. Please Watch below a two part interview, to get an insight into what he's like.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

All we have is now

I went to see Port O'Brien last night, it was amazing as it always is. i love these people and I'm so glad to know them as friends, I met up with awesome people I've known since highschool and it just gave me great feelings and gave me great flashbacks into who i was 5/6 years ago going to all the local shows, and dancing and just being myself. At the last song me, kyle, and micah all got on stage as well as other groovy folks and danced ourselves silly, soooo good! This is my arena, i feel most comfortable with great live music and people i've known for years, just having a ball. I don't get all self conscious and weird around these situations. I really miss the old Zyola shows and being an offbeat 16 year old going crazy to the music and having all of my great friends grooving with me. I need not worry about anything at this stage in my life, things are supposed to be shakey and uneasy, my calling is there somewhere and I must find directions and make decisions as they come. I'm just going to float and take things as they come, and right now life is fucking good. The picture above explains it all, Zyola circa -03'? I was there, I experienced it and I loved every second of it.... (photo taken from http://www.myspace.com/zyolarevival) Thank you guys for making amazing music and continue to do so.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Closet Overhaul

So I'm getting in the process of purging a lot of my wardrobe out of my closet. It's about time i think, I just collect, collect, and collect and now my closet rods are starting to bend under the strain of 1960s coats, 50s play dresses, and lots of other random/vintage items that i've collected at garage sales, thrift stores, mom's closet...hell, you name it. It's funny how I've become so emotionally attached to so many inanimate objects like clothing. Clothing is a very personal thing to me and we've had a strong bond ever since I decided when I was 5 that i would dress myself. It's a big part of who I am as a person, and I think It's really shaped my personality or maybe it's hidden it? In one of my fashion classes, we learned that people who dress a little quirky or out of the norm usually are really shy people, and dressing uniquely is their way of speaking up. It's a non vocal way of saying who this person is, if they themselves are too scared to say who they are. i think a part of that is true, but i do think it takes some balls to wear a lot of things that others would never wear. High School was my arena to do this, yes, I was a very introverted girl, and still am, but I wore the craziest things to school - and the weird part is no one ever made fun of me, instead everyone loved it, I mean I got best dressed my senior year, crazy right? That's what I say, but maybe it's because I went to such a unique and small school. I remember one time I wore this boy scout shirt with this bright orange 60s skirt and an army cap, it was loud but i thought it suited me just fine. And I wore heels more often then, then i do now, I remember wearing these pink polka dotted Jefferey Campbell pumps and my english teacher made me walk across the room in them in front of the class like a model, I think that was my sophomore year...yeah, pretty embarassing, but inside I think I really loved that attention. I think that was my way of seeking attention, as I wasn't a star athlete, or 4.0 student. I was the quirky, creative fashion plate, and I think fashion will always be in my heart. every where i go to shop for clothes, there will always be that avant garde/pop culture-esque side that will make me impulsively buy something that speaks of history. I feel that fashion is within me and it's something I probably should pursue as a career, but a part of me is fearful of the cattyness and stress, and fear is the one evil holding me back.....and this post was suppose to be about purging my closet....well i think i'm going to hold onto a lot of my gems, I'll just have to rent out a storage space soon... ;)