Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mood of Inhalations

I'm waiting for those months to reveal it to me.
I'm waiting, to be able to exhale you out of me.
"Be patient," you whisper into my ear in the middle of the night.
Cold dreams, and you don't hold me.
I saw the cut of light coming through.
I sat up and got out of your bed for the last time.
Feet hitting empty beer cans as I landed on the carpet.
I sought composure and quietly surveyed the room to gather all I could
that was mine.
I knew when I walked out the door that my underwear was somewhere where I could not find in the morning light.
I wonder if you found those black panties, maybe dangling somewhere on a drumhead.
Only time will digest these moments into just a recollection.
I wanted to give you a purpose.
But I revealed myself too soon, and I knew it would all boil down to this.
We will now be strangers, and I love you.